Filming and Edit video

Elevate your story with our exceptional video filming services. We blend premium filming and editing to create impactful, resonant visuals. Trust our expertise to transform your narrative into a visual masterpiece.

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Tiktok Viral clip 2023

We have created a scenario where an employee in the company experiences a heartbreak, combined with the song "Đáp án cuối cùng" (The Final Answer), which has become a trend with 1.5 million views. This has led to many of our TikTok clips going viral as well.

Filming and Edit

We create captivating short videos with engaging content and visuals that make your products stand out in the market. With unique and professional video intros, we will help your business leave a lasting impression on your customers..

Budget from $1500

Video lauching new product

We have captured the moments before the event took place to create a promotional video for the event launching new product.

Discover EMSAgency's premium video production services, where artistic vision and advanced technology merge. Our expertise in video filming, from TikTok viral clips to dynamic promotional videos, event recap videos for product launches, ensures engaging content. We also specialize in 360-degree video recording for Google Maps 360, creating immersive virtual tours. Starting at $500, our video filming skills cater to diverse industries, proven by our TikTok clip with over 1.5 million views. Elevate your brand with our comprehensive video filming and content services.

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